WPTavern Is Back – I Think

After what seems like a week of technology hell dealing with webhosting companies, I think things have started to calm down with a working solution. Right now, WPTavern is being hosted through HostGator after my first host, AnHosting told me there was nothing they could do to stop a Distributed DOS attack from happening to WPTavern.com. After AnHosting, I picked up and moved to WPWebhost but soon after I uploaded my plugin files, at least six of them failed to function properly. I was not in the mood to diagnose the problem as well as the issues I had with email so I moved to HostGator where I also had email issues but I think domain propagation had something to do with email. However, I also think the lack of clear instructions which don’t work on the Cpanel Email account setup page are also to blame.

Also with HostGator, I have no idea what was causing the problem and neither does the tech support but at random times on different files, WPTavern.com would hang. Whether it was a CSS file, an image, or something else, these files would cause the loading of the site to stop for extended periods of time. Today, I wiped out the install of WordPress and installed a fresh copy. I then imported the SQL database and installed all of my plugins from scratch. I’ve also installed WP-Super Cache as well as getting rid of two images that were almost 100K in size while also fixing a call to an image that produced a 404 error. I’m happy to report that so far today, the site and the forum have been loading faster than I’ve ever seen it after spending two years with AnHosting.

If you are browsing the site or forum today, please tell me in the comments how fast the site is loading for you or if you notice the site hanging.

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