1. Ryan

    Sometimes I wonder if WPTavern.com is a segmented portion of the WordPress community where the energy spent in discussions and such would be better served on the WordPress.org domain.

    No. The WordPress.org forums are an awful example of a community forum. For raw support they’re fine I guess. But you aren’t trying to create a support forum here. Without the Tavern, there would be no WordPress oriented community forum.


  2. Small Potato

    Jeff – You have an audience. Come up with several ideas for a book on WordPress. Get feedback. Create the book. More feedback. Sell it.

    I keep coming back to wptavern, but it hardly gets updated.


  3. Andreas Nurbo

    I agree with Ryan. Personally this is the only wp forum I spend time with. I don’t like the wp.org forum at all. Its so cold and anonymous.
    And I hope you can continue to provide good post on your blog also.

    And for the podcast, I think you should look into making a liveshow with ustream for example. Just for the fun of it. Perhaps combine it with one of your visits to WordCamps.
    And maybe try to get the WP Weekly show on a more Europe friendly time if anything popular/debatable comes up during the year. Purely for my selfish reasons =).


  4. Adam W. Warner

    Jeff, congrats on your first year and keep up the great work!


  5. donnacha | WordSkill

    Far from segmenting the WordPress community, WPTavern provides a valuable space for alternate communities to form within the WordPress universe. For instance, while I don’t agree with the anti-GPL gang, I think it is valid that they have somewhere to coalesce, ferment and express their doctrine.

    Thanks for all your hard work in 2009 and I hope that in 2010 you will achieve your dream of making your WP-related efforts financially sustainable.


  6. Miroslav Glavic

    I have to admit, I am a WPTavern-a-holic. This is one of the first WP sites I check during my daily routine.



  7. Alex Denning

    Don’t underestimate the value the Tavern has to the WordPress community as a consistently awesome place to read WordPress news! Keep up the excellent work Jeff.


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