WPInformer Launches – More WordPress Stuff

wpinformerlogo A few days ago, I was alerted on Twitter that a new WordPress News centric site had launched called WPInformer.com. The site was created by Aaron D Campbell and is part of the Xavisys brand. So far, there are a couple of posts on the site including a detailed look at the new widget interface that will part of WordPress 2.8, 5 minutes to improve the performance of your theme and a few others. So if you need another WordPress centric site to add you your feedreader, here it is. By the way, you can also follow WPInformer on Twitter. Good luck Aaron with the site!


3 responses to “WPInformer Launches – More WordPress Stuff”

  1. @Aaron D. Campbell – No problem Aaron, I want to provide the warm welcome to new WordPress informative sites that I received when I launched. That review of the show should be interesting heh.

    @Alex Vorn -i tell you what, you have a pretty cool looking design :) maybe I’ll do a small writeup about your site as well here in the near future.


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