WPGorilla Now WPSynergy

wpgorillalogo Over the past few days, I’ve been reporting on the fact that the WPGorilla project were in the midst of a name change. The change took place not only because of a premium theme author with a business centered around a gorilla, but also for SEO, and other reasons. After they initiated their poll for domain choices, I sent them an idea for a domain to use called WPSynergy. Don’t ask me how I came up with the name, but I thought that Synergy sounds like a cool word and since it has a meaning similar to what the project is trying to accomplish, is should be a nice fit.

So I’m glad to see the project continue with all new branding and a cool sounding name. I’m also stoked that they went ahead with the name. It’s proof that I actually do have some good ideas from time to time!

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