Gorilla Project To Change Name

wpgorillalogoA few days ago, I reported on something called the Gorilla Project, a project aimed at creating a collaborative effort in creating WordPress themes. In that post, it was brought up in the comments that the name of the project was eerily close to a premium theme company named Gorilla Themes. Ryan McCue who is working with the project recently raised the concerns brought up in the previous post to the Google group assigned to the project. Jeeremie agreed that a name change was needed and so, the suggestions started flying in.

Yes, people are really concerned about the name. Last night, we received a very polite email from Carlos Aguaron, owner of www.gorillathemes.com, asking us if we would mind changing the name to avoid confusion between his project and ours. I really didn’t know about gorillathemes.com before and that was just a (bad) coincidence.

We are still very early in development so it would be no problem to change now for a more unique name. Any suggestion? You can search on http://domai.nr to see if domain is available. We are looking for a .org domain, not a .com.

At first, I recommended WPHive.com but there is already a WordPress project that exists using WP-Hive.com so that won’t work. A number of other domains were suggested as well such as WP-Jungle, WPTeam, WPRockers, WPGuerilla, and a few others. At the last moment, I’ve suggested they use WPSynergy which reflects team work and just sounds cool. However, looks like they already have a vote in progress for the name change with WPJungle leading the pack at 4 votes. Place your vote in the poll and let these guys know what you think.



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