WPCandy Is Back In Business

Ryan Imel, the same guy who brought you CommentBits.com has announced that he is the new owner of WPCandy.com. WPCandy used to be a definitive resource amongst the WordPress community long before the Tavern was around. In fact, I was a big fan of the website so it’s good to see it brought back from the grave. As part of the announcement, WPCandy now sports a new design with a number of cosmetic updates. Over all, the site has been able to retain its clean and polished look.

While WordPress is a strong niche within the technology industry, we believe it isn’t being done proper service by technology journalism. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a major tech blog misspelling Automattic or mixing up WordPress.com with WordPress.org (or not recognizing the difference at all) then you know what we’re talking about.

But this site isn’t just about blogging, or even blogging well. We have big plans. Fun plans. Big, fun plans.

Vision is far from everything — very far — but it’s also inspiring. And with this vision, I’m inspired

Ryan then goes on to discuss the impact being part of the GooRoo network has for the site. GooRoo is a new business Ryan started near the end of 2009. In essence, GooRoo is slated to become a great content network. Stay tuned to WPCandy.com to see updates on the version four launch, giveaways and what’s going on in the future for the site. Congrats and welcome back WPCandy.



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