WPCampus Is Accepting Applications to Host the Event in 2017

WPCampus Featured ImageHot on the heels of WPCampus 2016, the event’s organizing team is currently accepting applications to host the event in 2017. The team is specifically looking for a campus or educational institution that can help plan and host the event. In addition, the following factors will help determine the location.

  • Availability in early Summer months (June/July).
  • Reasonable costs.
  • Distance to an airport.
  • On-campus or near campus housing?
  • Catering options available or limited by the venue.
  • Nearby entertainment options?
  • The availability of a room that seats 250+ for main sessions and 80+ for breakout sessions.
  • Available parking on-site or nearby.
  • Tech/AV support and equipment.
  • WiFi capabilities.
  • Live streaming capabilities.

The deadline to submit applications is midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Friday, October 28, 2016. If you’re not familiar with the types of experience attendees can expect at WPCampus, I encourage you to read the following reviews from those who attended the 2016 event.

You also watch most of the sessions from WPCampus 2016 on the schedule page. Recorded sessions are still being added and all of them should be available in the next few weeks.



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