WP Smackdown On Enhancing The Distraction Free Writing Experience

Distraction free writing mode is something I rarely use in WordPress but WP Smackdown has a great post that explains how using two plugins can enhance the distraction free writing experience. The Just Writing plugin enables the ability for preferences to be stored on a per-user basis as well as a few other features. Meanwhile, the DFWM Themes plugin provides up to eight themes to customize the look of the distraction free writing screen.

Distraction Free Writing Mode Themes Plugin Header

It’s cool to see that this particular feature in WordPress is able to be customized with themes or plugins. What’s nice about the two plugins mentioned is that both enable customizations at the individual user level.


6 responses to “WP Smackdown On Enhancing The Distraction Free Writing Experience”

  1. Hi Jeffro
    I’m usually too busy trying to put a post together to be distracted by anything in the WordPress interface.

    Good to know about “Distraction free writing mode” though… just in case.

    Hope you guys, and Sarah, have a great 2014

    • lol. With the left menu column collapsed, I’m generally not distracted at all when writing a post in the default text/visual writing panel. I have made it a habit though to close the Tags and Categories widgets when I’ve selected them.

      Since you write content in WordPress, I wonder what you think of the interface presented in this post https://www.wptavern.com/revamping-the-content-creation-experience-in-wordpress I want it now! Not so much the blocks of content on the right side of the screen, but because of the inclusion of the categories, tags, and publishing widgets into the post editor itself. I just feel as though my workflow would improve by a lot if those things currently in stand alone widgets would be part of the post writing screen.

      • That does look good and I’m guessing that you guys write many more posts than I do so time savings would be important.

        99% of my time is taken writing the post, adding images, adding alt text, adding SEO settings etc so any savings in adding category and tags would be insignificant to me.

        I rather like the WordPress interface but like I say… you guys probably write a few more posts than I do.

  2. I’m right there with you. Most of the time for my posts is adding images, alt tags, sometimes coming up with a good title takes the longest!

  3. “…coming up with a good title takes the longest!

    Not just me then. LOL

    I write my posts on a local install then cut and paste to the live site – change paths to images, add category etc and then hit that big publish button… and relax.

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Jeffro. Glad you found it worth mentioning.

    Historically, I haven’t used DFWM much either, but lately it has helped me in 2 ways:

    1. Get started writing, especially when I’m stuck staring at a blank page
    2. Go back & review what I’ve written. The fullscreen allows me to see more on one page without scrolling back & forth constantly.


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