1. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    Great job. I had always hard time to find something lightweight for handling pictures on sites. This one is exactly piece what I was looking for.


  2. David Sullivan

    Great, lightweight plugin. Works outof the box. Just as advertised.


  3. WhyCheese

    Will it work with woocommerce ? Default woocommerce lightbox is really slow on many sites…


  4. zuma9

    Does it work on featured image?


  5. Dmitry

    I was using Featherlight for a couple of my projects and found it very useful. Having a WordPress plugin version is a good time-saver. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Keith Davis

    Great plugin and so good to see a video that runs you through how to use it.

    I second what Sarah said:

    “Many thanks to Robert Neu and the folks at WP Site Care for making it freely available on WordPress.org.”


  7. Chris Langille

    Awesome plugin. I’ve tried a ton of these things and they all seem complicated and weird. Props to the WPSitecare team for this one


  8. Patrick

    I tried this plug-in and tried it immediately on an iPad, but….. the next previous buttons don’t work (Google Chrome on iPad). So i had to disable it again. Mobile first!


  9. Rob Neu (@rob_neu)

    Looks like I missed this post somehow. Thanks for the writeup Sarah! We have a small update coming later this week to fix some edge case issues with caching plugins and update the Featherlight script to the latest version.

    If anyone finds any bugs or has issues of any kind, please let us know! We want WP Featherlight to work for as many situations as possible. :)


    • Lucas

      Hey Rob, great plugin. When I click on your gallery examples here http://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/gallery.html on my phone (iphone 6) I don’t get gestures at all— just tiny little left/right arrows. You say gestures are on by default? Am I missing something?
      Many thanks!


    • Charles Como

      Rob, is there a way to zoom in at all? I have an issue where if an image is in portrait mode, I can’t zoom in and read it.. If you click on the image here and make the screen small like on a mobile device, or just a small macbook air, I can’t zoom in anyway to read the text. Is there an easy fix for that?


  10. stacybutera

    Just installed this and tested it. The lightbox works great. Would like to see support for WP Featured Image!


  11. Stephane

    I’ve installed the plugin and am testing it on my laptop. No arrow icons to browse to the next/prev images in a gallery. Keyboard keys not working either so I’m stuck on the same images. Any idea why?

    Also it doesn’t display captions/descriptions/alt texts as captions. As this aspect isn’t covered in the video I was wondering if it’s on purpose or if there’s something extra to do in order to display captions.



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