1. Gregory Karpinsky

    > options for removing Akismet and Hello Dolly

    No! Next time they will also remove the sample post, sample comment and sample page!!! We must stand united against those changes. WordPress must keep those things forever!!! Howdy, Dolly!



    • Gregory Karpinsky

      On a serious note, I believe the whole concept of WP installation should somehow turn towards a single place for WP per server and not WP-per-site (not talking about multisites with their “quirks”).

      I am using Composer and install WP always in a folder, where it stays separately from the application (WP_CONTENT points to the “app” folder). Then, why can’t I have the “wp” folder somewhere in /usr/local/wordpress-{version} and just use it from there?

      </a thought>


  2. Garth Mortensen

    I just use the –prompt flag on most of these commands and WP-CLI asks you for everything it needs.


  3. Jami

    Cool stuff Tim! I’ve just written out all of the install command lines into one big text expander snippet. It helps that I’m usually deleting the install once I’m done and reinstalling so I don’t have to worry about new passwords, etc. Your GUI is cool for that though!


  4. Matt Lowe

    WP-CLI GUI ? Isn’t that just WordPress?

    Surely if you want to install WordPress and want to copy & paste the values without having to use the command line, you could just use wp-admin/install.php ?


    • fwolf

      Yeah, that was my thought, too. 1st of April is already over for this year.

      GUI for a CLI for a GUI? Whats next, Node.JS in JVM?!?
      (oh wait, they already commited THAT crime o.O)

      cu, w0lf.


  5. Amanda Rush

    Why not just write a bash script to do this, run that script, and done?


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