WP 2.5 Wins OpenSource App Of The Year

The other night, I picked up the January 2009 issue of the good yet, expensive Practical Web Design magazine. Browsing through the issue, I came across a giant photo of Matt Mullenweg as WordPress 2.5 took the crown for Open Source application for the year 2008. Taking photos of the article was a pain in the rear so I scanned the article into a digital image and wanted to share it with you because there is very little information on regarding Practical Web Design Magazine on the web since they are now referred to as .net.

WordPress 2.5 2008 Open Source App Of The Year
WordPress 2.5 2008 Open Source App Of The Year

Congrats to Matt and everyone involved, although we are currently using WordPress 2.7 :) My how development time flies!


4 responses to “WP 2.5 Wins OpenSource App Of The Year”

  1. It seems a little out of date considering that most in the community consider version 2.5 somewhat of a flop and 2.7 a screaming success.

    Nice to see Matt and the project receiving the recognition they deserve though.

  2. Yeah they should really just give it to the platform as a whole instead of a specific version. WordPress props is great!


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