WordSesh 2 Speaker Schedule Now Available

Wordesh logoThe speaker schedule for WordSesh 2 has been published. The event begins Saturday, December 7, 2013. 00:00 – 24:00 UTC. If you don’t know how to convert your current time into UTC time, visit Worldtimeserver.com. WordSesh is the equivalent of a virtual WordCamp. Speakers from across the world will gather together on Google Hangout to share their knowledge with the rest of the WordPress community.

Based on the large amount of speakers wanting to participate in this years event, there will be two tracks. Unfortunately, during some parts of the event, two sessions will be taking place simultaneously. However, don’t worry as all sessions will be recorded and available for free at the conclusion of the event.

Submit Your Questions To The Podcasters Roundtable

I’ll be participating in the WordPress Podcasters roundtable at 18:00 UTC. This round table features: Brad Touesnard, Brad Williams, Chris Lema, Dre Armeda, Jason Tucker, Matt Medeiros, and Pippin Williamson. Considering the talent that will make up this roundtable, we would like to answer any questions people may have as it relates to WordPress!


One response to “WordSesh 2 Speaker Schedule Now Available”

  1. Hello! Great to see you are on the Podcasters Roundtable Jeffro. I actually have a question that may be more to all of the people involved in the Roundtable: What equipment and setup is used for podcasting? What software is used to make a great podcast? Thanks!


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