1. Kim

    Congrats to Josh on winning – he definitely brought his “A” game!

    This was fun! Do you plan on doing something like this again later this year?


  2. JLeuze

    @Kim – And congratulations to you and Conorp for your wins, thanks for giving me some stiff competition! Thanks Jeff for digging up all those tough questions, and StudioPress for their generous prize.

    I had a lot of fun with trivia too, a great excuse to participate in the conversation more.

    Maybe next time Jeff can do a game that would fit in even better in a tavern, bingo or a meat raffle! ;)


  3. Chip Bennett

    Congrats to the winners!

    I’d love to participate, but the first-one-to-answer wins format isn’t conducive to being able to participate. If you could come up with some other format (emailing you the answers, or a Tavern forum PM, etc. – and then randomly selecting the “winners” each week, or assigning points based on correct answers), then more of us could particpate.

    As it is, though, it’s more of a “fastest commenter” competition than a trivia competition.

    Regardless: well done by the winners, and thanks to your sponsors for some awesome prizes!


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