1. Maruti Mohanty

    Much awaited !!! Thank you in advance


  2. Brett

    Yes! Some of us who use Child themes will benefit us greatly!


  3. Peter

    Brilliant idea. I use many child themes and this would help me greatly.


  4. Terence

    OK, I am not a developer, so I guess I often ask the kind of questions developers think are stupid and irrelevant, because they don’t appear to be asking them.

    This is such a case, I think, so please forgive my ignorance. I don’t have an axe to grind. I am just trying to learn.

    Wouldn’t the wholesale adoption of a plugin framework like Herbert resolve this kind of issue?

    And OK, Herbert may be a little OTT for most people’s needs, but what about adopting WordPress Plugin Boilerplate as a minimum?

    It seems to me there is way to make things more transparent and less arbitrary, if the repository was a little more prescriptive about imposing a minimum standard for submission.

    Not only could that standard be open sourced, so that everyone who has a stake has input, but it would also make the job gatekeeper much easier.

    i.e. “So solly. No ticky, no laundly”.


  5. Terence

    Just reading again what I wrote, I don’t think I made my point very clearly.

    What maybe I should have asked could have been something like …

    … would the adoption of Herbert/WPB-like framework, but specifically for themes, as an appropriate standard ~ and a basic submission low-hurdle ~ resolve this kind of problem, and possibly some others, including the workload of those who have the job of take care of the repository?


    • Ulrich

      I recommend theme authors to look at _s

      I have seen an improvement in themes of those who use the starter theme. I easily recognise the changes the developer has made as that is where the issues are.

      Requiring theme developers to one starter theme or framework is like requiring all writers to use the same template.

      The way forward to to automate the process as much as possible and educate the developers to submit better themes code wise.


      • Terence

        I was really only addressing the issue of the changelog format, which should be a much easier change to inculcate.

        I take your point and maybe its just as simple as pointing to a reference theme and suggesting they follow that example.

        However, I was trying to introduce a how hurdle which was in effect a go/no-go gate, and save those who manage the repositories having to waste their time with poor submissions.


  6. Yachika Verma

    Change Log is always helpful for the wordpress users. They can atleast see what’s been updated on the theme they are planning to use.


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