1. Tada Burke

    Great article and great news. Congrats once again to the TRT on their hard work! A nice recipe to prevent bottleneck is to always pre-define acquisition drill-down so things rarely go bonk0rs—aka Intake Scoping. I like the new guidelines. I could care less about Authors losing (potential) revenue because they ignore guidelines or get skirtzy. These stats should be music to the ears of Authors who distro well-built themes and Repo dependency is kinda/sorta low priority.


  2. Poena

    Thank you Sarah :), Emil and Justin for this article.


  3. Ashik Ahmed

    Thank you, TRT will improving. keep sharing .


  4. David Morgan

    Thanks to the theme review team for moving through that backlog! Our Structure Lite theme sat in the queue for nearly 6 months before review. It was becoming discouraging even looking at the queue. Really glad to see them on top of it now!


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