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  2. Cavalary

    While I’ll again say that, in itself, I don’t see a problem with requiring updated dependencies to install a new version, as long as users are in no way forced or tricked into upgrading, there’s this bit:

    “Ultimately, everyone wants the same thing — to move the entire project forward and use up-to-date tools.”

    I for one want stability and control, to be able to keep using something I’m (more or less) comfortable with and know I have the possibility (but not the obligation) to apply updates fixing security vulnerabilities, and only those, whenever they appear, without worrying about any changes or incompatibilities brought by feature updates / new versions unless I specifically desire them, and to have full control of the software.

    Still give WordPress as the example of how to do it right, because of this continued backporting of security updates even on very old versions, without end of life and forcing people into feature updates… But the other side is pushing more and more to take it in the same rotten direction software has been heading in for the past decade or so…


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