WordPress Plugin WP Inject Renames to ImageInject and Introduces New Features

ImageInject Featured Image
photo credit: CJ Isherwoodcc

When we wrote a review about WP Inject earlier this year, we were impressed with its features. However, we felt that it was somewhat unfortunately named. As Dave Tasker notes within the comments of the review, the word inject invokes thoughts of security vulnerabilities. “In my humble opinion, the things that spring to my mind when I see the word injection in the WordPress context are code injection exploit and sql injection exploit!”

Not only has Thomas Höfter renamed the plugin to ImageInject, he released version 1.1 which contains some noteworthy features. Höfter explains in the announcement post why he didn’t name the plugin ImageInject to begin with.

Why did I not name the plugin ImageInject to begin with? In part because when I first released it, I had a different scope in mind: I was planning to make WP Inject a platform for inserting lots of things besides just images, including videos and affiliate products. Those plans did not die with the name change but I decided that once they become a reality, they will be better off moved into their own plugin.

Version 1.1 introduces support for image captions. Image captions are an excellent and convenient way to display attribution information. Captions are displayed next to the image. This means they’ll move with the image if you decide to change its alignment.

Example Of Image Captions Using ImageInject
Example Of Image Captions Using ImageInject

ImageInject now supports WordPress Multisite. Once it’s network activated, you can use it across all of your sub sites. ImageInject is one of the only plugins that supports Pixabay and Flickr. This gives you a wide assortment of images to choose from.

ImageInject is a free plugin available from WPScoop.com or the WordPress plugin directory. If you need a helping hand getting started, WPScoop has a great tutorial on the download page that explains how to get the most out of using the plugin.

For more resources on finding images you can use on your site, check out our guide that contains 13 sources of CC0 licensed images.



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