1. Rick Rottman

    Looking forward to the enforcement of the 12 tag limit.


    • Brad

      It will be very difficult to enforce this, but you could perhaps “penalize” plugins that do not follow the guidelines by ranking them lower in search results. That alone should get plugin authors to update their tags rather quickly (well me in any case)


  2. Slava Abakumov

    After finally reading those guidelines I got several questions:

    1) Will they actually insist and contact all plugins with 13+ tags? It’s very easy to get those plugins. And it’s a HUGE list of them, thousands I would say.
    2) Why do they still have SVN for submitting plugins, as they are clearly saying – do not use it for development. Why not just upload a zip of a new version? Or even why not submitting them a link to a zip file?
    3) They are referring to “gaming Recently Updated lists” – but there is no such page with this list. No links, no ability to find and open it. So why worry about it?

    I totally understand and accept that I likely won’t be answered. So those are basically thoughts aloud.


    • Bas Schuiling

      If you search for plugins within the WordPress Admin, plugins are listed in a certain order. You can check this if you give a very broad term to search for.

      It’s based on title of the plugin, the amount of downloads, the amount of reviews ( and the rating ) and when it was last updated.


  3. mzalewski

    “Dancing Sloths for Facebook” – sounds like a great idea for a plugin


  4. Bill

    “Morally offensive”? By whose standards? What if most people find it morally offensive, but the reviewer does not, does a committee get to decide right and wrong now?


    • Justin Tadlock

      They’d probably handle that just like the theme review team does. If one of the key reviewers thinks something shouldn’t be allowed on those grounds, they just talk to the other key reviewers. Then, it’s just a matter of discussing it and thinking about the image that WordPress.org should portray.

      For example, a while ago, we had a porn theme submitted. We are not necessarily against a theme made for porn sites (hey, they use WP too). However, having graphic porn images is something we all agreed shouldn’t be packaged with the theme or in the screenshot.

      While I can’t speak for the plugin review team, most “morally offensive” things that theme reviewers have come across have been pretty clear cases of things to not allow. If something isn’t as clear-cut, we talk it over. If we can’t agree, we just ask higher up the chain of command.


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