WordPress Plugin CoSchedule Secures $500K In Funding

CoSchedule, the editorial workflow and activity scheduling plugin, has secured $500K in a Series A round of funding. The angel investment was led by Sandin Holdings and Bullinger Enterprises of Fargo, North Dakota. Matching funds were provided by the North Dakota Development Fund. Joe Sandin of Sandin Holdings will join CoSchedule’s Board of Directors, providing strategic guidance and business advice.

When I reviewed the plugin last year, I considered it to be a viable alternative to Edit Flow. CoSchedule will use the money to hire more employees, increase their marketing budget, and increase the speed of development so new features reach users faster.

Moon says the company has experienced rapid growth since launching in September of 2013. Since the launch, the plugin has over 6,000 downloads with users in more than 100 countries and paying customers in 35 countries. I asked Moon, what advice does he have for those looking to obtain a round of funding to take their business or service to the next level? He replied:

I think a lot of developers hesitate to look for funding for their work because the process is overwhelming and unfamiliar to them. I will definitely admit that it is a ton of work, but it can be hugely valuable. Not only can you get the financing you need to move to the next level, but it really forces you to look at your product in a new way and challenge every assumption that you’ve made. Investors ask hard questions, and that can be a really good thing.

Do you use CoSchedule? If so, what do you think of its editorial workflow and how it handles multiple authors?


8 responses to “WordPress Plugin CoSchedule Secures $500K In Funding”

  1. We just started using it at UpThemes and have been super impressed with it. Definitely has a lot of room for improvement but it’s a solid tool and the price is a fantastic value.

  2. Garrett is a smart guy, knows product and great design. Props to him and the team!

    Biggest round from a mattreport.com Interview and startup challenge judge :)

  3. I use it a lot now and have put in a bunch of bug requests that they promptly fixed and I have about 5 feature requests in they said they’re going to hit too. It’s a great plugin; but like everything I use I want more :) #demanding.
    Highly recommend considering using it. It’s good.

    • As I mentioned in the article and my review, it’s a viable alternative to Edit Flow. It has editorial comments and a nice calendar to schedule posts and events. It also has some nice collaboration tools. It’s affordable but I like what Edit Flow gives me for free.


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