1. Chris Wallace

    We just started using it at UpThemes and have been super impressed with it. Definitely has a lot of room for improvement but it’s a solid tool and the price is a fantastic value.


  2. Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

    Inspiring. You can’t read this and not think “I need to think bigger”


  3. Matt

    Garrett is a smart guy, knows product and great design. Props to him and the team!

    Biggest round from a mattreport.com Interview and startup challenge judge :)


  4. Chuck Reynolds

    I use it a lot now and have put in a bunch of bug requests that they promptly fixed and I have about 5 feature requests in they said they’re going to hit too. It’s a great plugin; but like everything I use I want more :) #demanding.
    Highly recommend considering using it. It’s good.


  5. Steve

    Anyone have a sense of how this plugin compares to the Edit Flow? http://editflow.org/


    • Jeff Chandler

      As I mentioned in the article and my review, it’s a viable alternative to Edit Flow. It has editorial comments and a nice calendar to schedule posts and events. It also has some nice collaboration tools. It’s affordable but I like what Edit Flow gives me for free.


  6. pooriast

    Glad to hear that, If someone invest in making apps on WordPress for WordPress it really deserves to be backed up.


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