1. Muhammad Adnan

    Interesting move!
    Would help to educate our clients.


  2. Haris

    We need to focus more efforts on promoting php upgrade information to our users.


  3. Michael

    I would love to upgrade my multisite network to PHP 7, but rather than a matter of not understanding the benefits, it is a matter of supporting and/or replacing plugins and themes that are not PHP 7 compatible.

    According to the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin, our multisite network still has 7 plugins and 5 themes that return errors with PHP 7, including one actively developed theme by Automattic (Edin) and one plugin by wordpressdotorg (WordPress Importer).

    We have 22 plugins and 8 themes that have PHP 7 warnings.

    The WordPress.org theme and plugin repositories should flag plugins and themes that are not compatible with PHP 7 and encourage the authors to update them. And it would help quite a bit if the major players led the way with PHP7-compatible plugins and themes.


  4. Vineet Kumar Singh

    Since we use themes in wordpress websites which has so many render blocking js and css due to which website gets slow. PHP 7 makes wordpress website faster. So, everyone should upgrade :)


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