1. Dave
    · Reply

    Good sleuthing! I occasionally see fishy plugin reviews. When I see a slew of 5-star reviews with consistently poor spelling and no details, just fawning praise, you have to wonder. This is especially questionable when the few reviews with details are scathing.


    • Miroslav Glavic
      · Reply

      Not everyone has English as their first language/mother tongue.


    • Andrew
      · Reply

      I have to agree with Miroslave, not everyone has English as their first language. So now we are supposed to get rid of reviews because they do not use proper grammar? Better get rid of all of mine then too.

      Yes, fake reviews can be an issue. So when I looked, Dolson is a vendor of ADA compliance plugins so is he really impartial? Not making him a bad guy or anything, just that he sells a competing service.

      I think the proof is in the pudding though. As far as our clients are concerned Fake Bad reviews concern me more. This is why I read this article. They can tank innocent players and it seems like everyone is a whiner these days and they complain about everything. šŸ™‚

      The 1-star reviews look fake to me. No text, just single stars, and none of them have pictures. None of them say why it is bad, or what issues they had with the plugin.

      Go look and see. It just seems fishy to me.


  2. Dave
    · Reply

    OK, Guys,
    You’ve convinced me. I looked into deleting my comment, but I see that the WordPress mothership doesn’t allow deleting comments(!), so please consider this to be my apology and retraction.

    Best, Dave

    PS: I won’t be commenting here anymore, now that I know that a mistake can’t be corrected.


  3. Gaurav Tiwari
    · Reply

    I use this on a client’s website. Just happen to know about the fake reviews. I have a question though. What are the reviews about? The plugin or the product? AFAIK the reviews are for the functionalities of a Plugin. In my opinion the plugin works well. Even though it just ads javascript on the frontend ā€” it is supposed to do that only.

    Productwise accessiBe is costly but as a plugin it deserved 5 stars ā€” that’s why I rated it with 5.
    Coming to the 1 star reviews that are already there. I don’t think the reviewers have used the tool at all.

    One review from @sailorgoodway on WP.org is this:
    “Huh, one line of Javascript gives you website accessibility. I am afraid not, there is no quick fix for accessibility. It takes a lot of effort and that effort has to be ongoing.”

    I am unable to decide if this review is real. It is true that it takes a lot of effort to be fully ADA compliant but this review has nothing to do with the plugin or the product.

    Only one of the three current 1 star reviews is not motivated by any marketing approach.


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