1. Thabo Tswana

    Sexy, modern look!


  2. Mark

    Not a big fan of using background-attachment for the showcase section.

    1. For people with low resolution display, its very easy to scroll past the section.
    2. It is known to cause lagging while you scroll: https://petersproblems.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/background-attachment-fixed-causing-lag-when-scrolling/


    • Otto

      Yeah, I noticed some scrolling issues on that background-attachment as well, which is why we basically disabled it on mobile. I’m seeing some issues with framerates dropping to around 10 FPS on my laptop as well. Looking at how to do it using the will-change CSS right now, instead of that transform rendering hack.


    • fwolf

      Essentially all “fixed” positioning (incl. position: fixed + z-index overlay) have this “stuttering” / lagging issue on mobile / tablet browsers.

      IMHO transforms look like a decent work-around – anything else Skip that – acc. to caniuse.com all current mobile / tablet browsers seem to properly support the position: fixed CSS property. So my suggestion would be position:fixed + z-index overlay (and maybe some out-of-viewport JS magic).

      cu, w0lf.


  3. Jemee

    WOW!!! Now WordPress.org become a modern Website. :)


  4. Jacob Share

    Nice clean look, but it’s never a good idea to launch anything before a holiday weekend…


  5. Central Geek

    Not impressed.


  6. Danny Brown

    Looks kinda like the gazillion themes you can buy on something like Themeforest. Curious what the “truly amazing” piece will be…


  7. Towhid

    Wish WordPress had a Expert Directory like Shopify


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