1. Val Hudgins

    Love that new ICBM guidance plugin – another reference that made me laugh. Thanks, @Sarah!


  2. Jeffrey

    Nice, free commercial I guess?


  3. Ronald Huereca

    One of my friends said, “Hey, that was nice product placement.”


  4. dot07

    Resembles borderline profiteering to me. Imagine, using that nine letter string to promote the idea of a prisoner starting a used panty website and it’s okay. But using that nine letter string to promote helping users of (that nine letter string) is worthy of a lawsuit.

    I wonder what the ratings on that show are. Surly, they must be low to need to mention that nine letter string in their show to prop up their business. That’s the only rationale possible isn’t it?

    Or, was it a paid mention and the “Foundation” has decided to call out the kinksters?

    I know, I’m bad. But, I really couldn’t resist.


  5. Lara Littlefield

    I absolutely love this show. It was so awesome to hear this reference.


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