WordPress Mentioned on Orange is the New Black

WordPress fans were excited to hear that the software was briefly mentioned on the popular Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. In case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of the reference, captured by Megan Gray:


This isn’t WordPress’ first pop culture reference. The software was also mentioned in Lily Allen’s “URL Badman” song released last year.

Who could forget the time that WordPress was used to guide missiles? WordPress Javascript (post.js) was used in episode 5 of the British mini-series Strike Back as part of a weapons guidance system. Mark Jaquith then ported those changes back to core, which has hopefully decreased the number of missiles accidentally launched via post.js.

photo credit: Alex Mills "So Apparently WordPress Can Guide Missiles"
photo credit: Alex Mills “So Apparently WordPress Can Guide Missiles”

It wasn’t too long ago that mentioning WordPress to an acquaintance in a bar would get you a quizzical face in return. Fast forward a few years and WordPress is now used by 24.1% of all websites, with a content management system market share of 60.4%, according to the most recent estimation from W3Techs. The software is now versatile enough to power everything from simple used panty e-commerce sites to full-blown weapons guidance systems.

Where have you seen WordPress mentioned in the wild?


7 responses to “WordPress Mentioned on Orange is the New Black”

  1. Resembles borderline profiteering to me. Imagine, using that nine letter string to promote the idea of a prisoner starting a used panty website and it’s okay. But using that nine letter string to promote helping users of (that nine letter string) is worthy of a lawsuit.

    I wonder what the ratings on that show are. Surly, they must be low to need to mention that nine letter string in their show to prop up their business. That’s the only rationale possible isn’t it?

    Or, was it a paid mention and the “Foundation” has decided to call out the kinksters?

    I know, I’m bad. But, I really couldn’t resist.


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