WordPress MailPoet Plugin Security Vulnerability: Immediate Update Recommended


The security research team at Sucuri has discovered a vulnerability in the popular WordPress MailPoet Plugin, formerly known as WYSIJA Newsletters. The bug leaves MailPoet open to an attack wherein a file can be uploaded remotely without authentication. Sucuri is classifying this as a serious vulnerability and recommends an immediate update for anyone using the plugin.

If you have this plugin activated on your website, the odds are not in your favor. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability without having any privileges/accounts on the target site. This is a major threat, it means every single website using it is vulnerable.

Details of the Vulnerability

The bug essentially allows any intruder to upload a PHP file without having any user permissions on the site, opening the door for sending spam, hosting malware, or any other similarly malicious intent.

The plugin’s developer was using the admin_init hook to verify if the user was allowed to upload files, Sucuri explained in the disclosure. “However, any call to /wp-admin/admin-post.php also executes this hook without requiring the user to be authenticated, thus making the theme upload functionality available to everybody.” Plugin developers are encouraged to take note of how easily this simple error can create a vulnerability.

MailPoet has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times and is used on thousands of WordPress sites. The only safe version is 2.6.7, which was released today with the patch for the vulnerability. If your site or your clients’ sites are using this plugin, an immediate update is recommended.


3 responses to “WordPress MailPoet Plugin Security Vulnerability: Immediate Update Recommended”

  1. The solution for this incident was quick and effective. This Plugin has a great support team behind it, what makes it really good I should say. Great work by @sucuri_securit!

  2. I find it quite promising seeing how rarely these things are showing up these days. A couple of years ago, it was hard to find a plugin in the top 100 on WordPress.org which DIDN’T have problems like this.


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