1. Alex Mills (Viper007Bond)

    We’ve supported it on WordPress.com for ages now. Works well:


    I believe the data gets cached into the parent post’s meta data but now that WordPress has comment meta, it should be easy (and better) to cache into the comment’s own meta.


  2. Robert Neu

    We’ve had them on our site at WP Site Care since disabling Disqus a while back with no noteworthy issues. I don’t think most people are aware that they can embed things, but on the rare occasion that they do it’s pretty cool.

    We use this plugin, which is pretty simple: https://wordpress.org/plugins/oembed-in-comments/


  3. Otto

    I can’t think of any technical reason to disallow this, just aesthetic ones. Which could be solved, somehow. Seems like a good feature plugin idea.


  4. Laura Brown

    A lot of commenters post notes to social media instead of blogs now. I do. Too bad this didn’t come along earlier.


  5. Jason Lemieux

    We were playing with this idea for Epoch and have it on the roadmap for 2.1.

    We are still working on the Epoch 2.0 release and maybe I’ll see if we can at least get support for the standard wp autoembeds in there. Might be easy to pull off.

    You are right, of course… figuring out what to do with the embeds on deeply nested (and mobile) will take some tinkering. It’s a fun challenge, though. On the list.


  6. Richard Rottman

    Why would I want anyone to leave anything other than a comment in my website’s comment section? If someone has a video they think needs to be watched in response to something I’ve written on my site, I would rather they posted a link to the video, not the video itself.


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