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Yesterday, I received an email from a freelancer who wanted to know if I had any places I could point him to to get more WordPress gigs. The economy is still bad, people are still collecting unemployment, looking for work, but the one constant I’ve noticed is that there is always a need for a WordPress developer either through an established firm or helping out with a specific project. I reached out to those who follow me on Twitter and requested that if they were currently hiring WordPress developers to send me a reply back along with a link to the job offering. Here are the folks that replied back to me.

Page.ly – A dedicated WordPress specific hosting company

While not available on the site just yet, Marshall Oram responded that they are looking to fill a full-time position at their office located in Phoenixville, PA. If interested, contact him via his email address.

Metaltoad – Metal Toad Media is a digital strategy agency looking hard for Drupal and WordPress developers.

B5Media – Full-time position located in Toronto, Canada. These guys manage some popular websites!

Ravidreams – WordPress services company looking for dedicated individuals who eat, sleep, and breath WordPress.

10Up – Jake Goldman mentioned on Twitter that they have recently hired employee #7 and are looking for #8 which could be you!.

I can guarantee you that there are definitely more WordPress gigs out there to be had. I see requests for them all the time on Twitter. If you’re a company that needs WordPress freelancers or looking to fulfill a position, feel free to publish a link to your job offering within the comments. Links to jobs that require bidding will not be published.


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  1. I’m always on the lookout for WordPress developers to bring on for projects with my company, CasJam Media. Here’s what I look for:

    – Solo freelancers (not companies) preferably based in North America.
    – Dedication to WordPress. It’s a plus if you’ve created plugins and/or products for WP.
    – You keep a regularly updated blog. Best way to get to know you before working together.

    Send me a note with your links to brian at casjam dot com.

  2. I have been creating WordPress to create sites for clients to use to earn $ in these lean times. I think it make the fear out running a website for many people. I had an easy time in the past finding enough work to NOT advertise myself.

    One of my New Years resolutions is to earn more in 2012 so I would like to seek some extra work. If anyone would like to find out more about me and my past work pls em me at givesuccess(at)live(dot)com. I will give links to my work/sites.

    Also in the WordPress forums as GiveSuccess you can see that I do like to help people with their issues when I can. I enjoy giving back because WordPress is free I feel as thought I need to give back freely in return for the income I have made from it.

    I do not travel and work from home because of disability so I would have to remain home based. Thanks Jeffro for the topic and opening doors for us.

  3. Web Savvy Marketing is growing and looking for freelancers who have experience with child theme development from layered PSD files, forum support and moderation, and theme tweaks. Genesis framework experience is a huge plus as all our of custom themes are built on this platofrm.

    I believe talent trumps location, so I am 100% open to non-US freelancers.

    Thanks so much for the post!

    Job Description: http://www.web-savvy-marketing.com/about/career-opportunities/wordpress-developer-specialized-in-genesis-framework/

  4. Thanks for the tip offs Jeff!

    Since I’m not the first one to do so I’d like to throw my contact info into the mix as well. I’m a WordPress developer in Kansas City, MO. I specialize in custom themes, but can do minor plugin work as well. I’m looking to venture out on my own soon, but I’d love even more to team up with a handful of other WP developers to create the ultimate WP team!

    You can find my portfolio @ http://scottlee.me/portfolio

    Thanks again for the links Jeff.


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