1. Jonathan Ruzek

    Very cool! Pexels is my first-stop for stock.


  2. Jennifer

    How do you enable this if you’re self-hosted? I can’t seem to find it.


  3. Henry

    Are the photos downloaded into the media library? Or are they only linked from a CDN? Important in terms of GDPR…


  4. Victor

    How do I get pexels to work with Gutenberg? I can’t find it anywhere.


    • Lee

      There is an Unsplash plugin for Gutenberg called Drop It. It was mentioned in WP Tavern a few weeks back. Automatic’s Pexels API implementation only works on wordpress.com and is currently only available to sites that use Jetpack when those sites are being managed via wordpress.com i.e. you need to login to wordpress.com to add content to your self-hosted site.


  5. Vishwajeet Kumar

    That’s a great news for WordPress.com users. Pexels is a great stock photo site and they have large database of images. Its really a time saver.


  6. Marc Deschamps

    This is great news! Making more diverse images available to publishers is not a luxury as the quality of stock-image libraries is not that great in my opinion, primarily because they don’t offer a wide range of experiences (as pointed out in your post). Thanks for the insights!


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