1. Isaiah Joseph

    I thought this advert will be showing everything? I want to see the 12 years old blogger and Revel Carlberg. Inspirational!


  2. Marc

    That explain the rush to get Gutenberg/WP 5.0 out!


  3. Jermaine Holmes

    Impressive! I’m glad their ads are humanized. Definitely shows the flexibility of the platform. They even published a list of featured WordPress-powered websites on Automattic.com that I enjoyed learning about. Hope it keeps the consideration of the platform high.


  4. Hoi An

    I believe WordPress can help everybody do anything they really want to achieve. For me, it helps make enough income to feed my family for several years. I sell WordPress service, I code WordPress theme & plugin, I do business using Woocommerce as the website.

    Thanks, WordPress.


  5. Liam

    The campaign is ingenious and I love to see the fruits it brings this year. WordPress is going far. I loved the 12-year-old girl’s story. She’s a self-starter which is impressive for a girl that age.


  6. Devin Walker

    I like the campaign and the fact that WordPress.com is getting the “word” out more about their platform. The only thing I don’t like is the computer from ~2010 at the end segment and running on their quick 10-15 second ads on YouTube. Couldn’t they choose a machine that’s a little more modern?


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