1. Clifford Paulick

    I like this topic but am unclear where/how to publish? Is there a service or listserv or URL to ping my link to?


  2. David Grant

    This post is great explaining “how to” write a press release, but “what” kind of topics are considered interesting to publish in the first place? For example if I launch a new plugin, is that at all considered newsworthy? If not, what kind of things would publishers consider worth publishing?


  3. Gary Taylor

    @Clifford The easiest thing is to make a note of the contact details of organisations you want to target (such as WP Tavern, Post Status). Send your release directly to these outlets, rather than relying on them picking up your release from the literally lots any scanning service might point their way. Plus, it makes them feel you’ve targeted them specifically, which doesn’t hurt ;-)

    @David What is ‘newsworthy’? It depends on your audience as much as your product. In general you’re trying to change people’s opinions or actions as a result of your release (e.g. to get them to download it). If you’ve written yet another Gutenberg blocks collection, possibly it’s not news. If you’ve written a plugin to aggregate other block collection plugins (thus aiding discovery), that’s something new, useful and worth Justin test-driving and reviewing. If the plugin has one million downloads in the first month, definitely tell people! A simple question is: as a WordPress user, would you be interested in your plugin/service/theme if you read about it?

    Transparency note: as well as being a WordPress enthusiast I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK. I’ll be sharing this article with my professional colleagues and followers later – it’s good advice. Thanks, Justin.


    • Ray Peacock


      Yes! Yes! Yes! Couldn’t agree more. Been writing and sending press releases since the early ‘70s when I learned of their power.

      There are many resources online to help write them, such as: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/press-release-template-ht. But there at least three other aspects that need to be understood.

      First, develop a list of places, email, text, snail mail, twitter etc., you wish to receive your releases and use, and update, often. My rule in industrial product marketing used to be at least one release per month. My typical, pre-internet list was about 150 targets, all of them ones that would republish my release.

      Second, do not expect all targets to publish your release every time; my pickup coverage used to be about 25%. That means you can re-use your release at a later time (if they are not used the first time, they are discarded by the editors who see so many they’ll forget your original one). In my experience, we would get diminishing pickups, but they we almost as good, like 20%, etc. Be sure to update the release date, too.

      Three, make your release short and to the point and use good grammar, pointing out benefits more than features of your news also add something like a screen shot, useful pdf file or image that the target can use to make your release a more interesting item for their readers.

      If you are persistent, you’ll be surprised how effective news release can be over time. Good luck to all new users!


  4. Sajan Kota

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the useful information. I agree with you that as a small business, press release is one of the most neglected marketing strategy. I feel many WordPress based business owners fail to realize that great products do not sell themselves. They realize this only after their hands are burnt. Press releases are great way to get into the radar of the major publishers. At first many publishers might not cover news about a small business however it will be really helpful in the future.


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