1. Phil Hoyt

    HUZZAH, I love the widgets in the Customizer, except WooSidebars doesn’t work with it, but “Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress” works. Everything else looks great.


  2. Otto

    Large JavaScript changes are always a support nightmare due to caching and other issues. Please try to test as much as possible and bug plugin authors about these issues. The more testing we can do, the more fixes we can get everywhere before release.


  3. Morphine Child

    Yees, text editor update, finally. Sure, we could use plugins, but come on, this should have been done ages ago…

    Anyway, WP is definitely going in the right direction with every update :)


  4. Mirza Usman

    When the updates will be available..


  5. superjohn5566j

    Talking of Discussion Settings – I remember reading a ticket that proposed an easy function for disabling entirely all commenting functionality on a site (and thus removing all reference to comments from the admin UI). But that proposal disappeared from my radar and didn’t re-surface, can’t find the Trac entry anymore. Was I dreaming?


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