1. DoktorThomas

    The future requires that WP continues to move toward a CMS position; one that allows bloggers, e-merchants and web site owners all to use the great WP framework easily. Plug-in development and theme/skin development would continue to flourish to suit those user types. After 8 million blogs that approach will start to wane. So increased flexibility will be essential to maintain popularity.


  2. Richard

    I agree, it has to continue to move toward CMS, but I hope they do this thoughtfully and with due consideration and keep it very simple to use so that those without a good number of “geek” genes can still build themselves a simple site and/or blog. And for those people, as they need more capability they can move into it.

    Matt M (if you happen to drop by): Please though, NEVER let it become as convoluted and complex as Drupal.


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