1. Stan

    This is awesome! And something that is very much needed for those with impaired vision.
    It also has vast potential in other areas as well .


  2. Ron

    In particular, the task of adding media to a post has a number of obstacles that make it nearly impossible for those using speech recognition software.

    Seriously. Are we that politically correct now that we care about the 0.0000000000001% that will actually use this? What a waste of resources.

    Blind people adding images to their WP site? Yeah….that sounds about right.

    “Here’s a selfie of me at…..oh….wait….that’s a picture of the ceiling…DOH.”


    • Ben

      @Ron – Let’s hope you never have impairments to your sight, hearing, voice, limbs, motor control, and/or cognitive abilities (by aging or accident) and have to experience a world where you’re treated as an afterthought or worse.

      Accessibility helps everyone – now and in the future.


      • Ron


        Jeeesh…..can’t you take a joke?

        It’s not like I suggested someone start The Blind Man School of Driving.

        Wait….what…that’s already been done?


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