1. Ciprian Popescu

    I’ve already replaced the code in one of my plugins with this new feature and created hooks to allow enabling/disabling post types and users sitemaps.


  2. Sander van Dragt

    Hey, Thanks for the article. lastmod isn’t part of the WP 5.5 feature. It was removed during development as community feedback indicated no clear benefit for including this optional property. It is a hint that doesn’t necessarily cause the search engine to change behaviour.
    Hope that helps.


  3. Marcel Pol

    Very happy with this feature.
    Just today I made a custom provider for a plugin with data in a custom database table. It includes paging in the sitemap. It all works fine.
    It was a bit search for how to do it, with only docblocks as documentation. But by the time 5.5 is released there will be more documentation.


  4. Ricard Menor

    Nice to know about this, thanks for the post, Sarah.
    A base needed to be native!
    To my eyes this could represent a de-facto statement from Google about the deep reach of WordPress within WWW, to some people including me this is more significant and engaging than the promo phrase “running 25% of the WWW”.
    In other words: “WP is a big part of the WWW, we want to crawl it better”. I buy that.
    Sitemaps are not that top story they used to be years ago, but still represent a real time inventory of URLs, thus a primary tool for any webmaster or SEO related work.
    I am curious for what’s next, with developers releasing brilliant side-functionalities from this new XML sitemaps in WordPress core.
    Thanks to all those involved, not only for this particular development.


  5. Anh Tran

    I’m very exciting about this feature and going to update Slim SEO to works well with this.


  6. Neha

    Do we need to make any changes in the code, for this? Or it will be inbuilt in the wordpress update itself. And how can I remove the earlier sitemap that I have created using yoast. Do I need to explicitly remove that using the search console. Any idea?


  7. Henry

    Multisite question here. Does a sitemap get generated for each site?


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