1. Miroslav Glavić

    I have not enabled auto-updates for plugins/themes. I won’t. How do I disable auto-updates for CORE without a plugin? I feel severely violated that 25-ish sites got auto-updated from 5.5 to 5.5.1. The reason why I like doing the updates myself. Worst of all…it happened on my birthday (September 1). What if the update broke the site and I am not right there? I am lucky that nothing broke but it could of broken things.

    I don’t want anyone to go into my server and change things.


    • Joseph McMurry

      To disable core WordPress updates add the below line to wp-config.php

      define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false);


    • David

      Also depends on your web host. Some of them are trigger happy – notably SiteGround, Bluehost – and will update to the latest version of WordPress with no option to opt-out


  2. Rod Olman

    Why was the backfill not in 5.5 to start off with?

    How did the discussion to exclude the backfill go? Who was involved in the discussion?


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