1. David Cardona

    Guys, simple but extremely proved comment.
    Gutenberg is great and would be really powerful.
    But.. what is killing it is its EXTREME MINIMALISM.
    I have tried gutenberg with at least 20 clients, and they simply cannot find the functions where they want.
    Then, when they open the buttons to choose something, again, what they want is hidden.

    My suggestion, always present row, column and add block buttons would pump it to heaven


    • Birgit Pauli-Haack

      It’s a bit hard to use something completely new without a manual or any training. That is not only true for Gutenberg it’s most parts of our life. The designers of Gutenberg saw in the usability studies in the last couple of month, how new people approach the block editor and it was quite eye opening. Not only did they see how little the initial tips are used, because they get into the way of actually typing a title. There is a big discussion around a help system going on and people explore, mock-up and discuss better solutions around context sensitive help
      You can chime in and help make this a better experience for occasional content creators.


  2. David Briggs

    I like using WordPress for the most part. I’m not being snarky or anything. I genuinely enjoy working with WordPress over other publishing platforms. My issues are mainly with plugins not conforming to best practices. Why should I have to dig into code to call out image alts? I have to do that with my content enough as it is. It’s frustrating. Like most people I genuinely want to have a clean beautiful website that ranks well. It’s little bits of thing I’m powerless to change like tags. All the SEO sites say I have too many h2 tags, but that’s how WordPress structures tagging as I understand it. Other times I can’t get schema to work.
    Even with all that, I still outrank my nearest keyword competitors 2-1 and climbing without paid search or adequate social sharing.

    Not bad for a dyslexic former street kid finding a purpose in life.


    • Neil Skoglund

      I agree, I recently had to edit WP AMP to allow custom post types in the loop on the homepage, why change the loop when you could just change the output, it ends up meaning I fixed the custom post loop and have broken the pagination. not good.


  3. Anh Tran

    The focus will be polishing current interactions and making the UIs more user friendly

    This is so great! WordPress admin is not simple and easy to use anymore when many plugins are installed.


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