1. Dennis

    How would this affect services like ManageWP?


  2. Doctor Popular

    I was really excited about this addition to core and think it’s a great step in terms of security. That ticket was a few years old and I remember that #StopMullware twitter incident from a few years back.


  3. Ryan Cameron

    Good to hear about this as WordPress security has always been an issue.


  4. Frank

    I have used this “Site Health” innovation to check the results but to my dismay I scored badly because: –
    1. I should upgrade to latest version of PHP!! I have been on 7.2.* since whenever. FAIL !
    2. ‘One or more recommended modules are missing’ Really!
    a. Fileinfo
    b. Imagick
    Neither of these I had heard of so I looked them up and “low and behold” they both belong to Automattic would you believe. Incredible; I am now subject to abuse because my site does not use a product which is (according to my google research) designed for wordpress.com users.
    Well well. What do we expect next?


    • James

      1. The latest version of PHP is 7.3.5.

      2. Neither FileInfo nor Imagick are owned by Automattic.

      3. Research isn’t that hard.


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