1. Tony Zeoli

    Super happy this is fixed. I was the first one to report this many moons ago!


  2. Nick

    Some bugs are fixed, and more very important features are added to this beta release, specifically the addition of custom mce buttons to the Classic Block is huge and really helpful.

    That said, there are so many bugs that I’m convinced that we are going to get a defective product in a few days – here try this:

    Create a Columns block and configure it to have 3 columns. Now in each column use the Youtube embed block and embed your videos. Save the page/post, go to the front end, and enjoy the mess !

    Things are getting better, but this thing won’t be embarrassingly buggy until at least mid 2019 if they continue with this dev. rate. Only then the page builders will be really threatened…


  3. Joyboy

    Link to “Permalink Settings” is of no use there.

    People at support forums already think, it’s a per-post setting.

    User roles without necessary capability get an error if they click the link which is also shown to them (WP5 beta5). Same for “Change Permalinks” button above title (in case of “plain” permalinks).

    Sitewide “one time use” settings for admin roles should never show in a content editing area, especially not to all users.

    Users on “one-user-admin” sites might even be encouraged to click the always present “Permalink Settings” link and “play” with different options there, unknowing that they break existing internal links between their pages and posts, and even worse external links saved at and followed by search engines.

    TL;DR System settings in content, bad idea, very bad idea.


  4. Robert Paulson

    Super confused.
    Features being added at Beta… Wasn’t there meant to be a feature freeze pre-alpha?

    It’s simply not ready.


  5. Frances Nowve

    I’m very unhappy about these new editors. I want the old one back. I was very comfortable with it and had no problem learning how to use it. These new ones, on the other hand, are hella-confusing. What is a “block” and why should we want it? Is there a tutorial available at least so we can learn how to use these things? I struggled horribly with my latest blog post, especially handling the images. You should provide the option to use the original editor. And/or a tutorial so we can learn this monstrosity if we have to. Please help.


  6. Thiago

    Frances, if you are in WP.com you have 3 options: the new terrible editor, the Calypso editor and the classic, in the administrative area.

    To switch to Calypso editor:



    • Frances Nowve

      Thank you, Thiago, for letting me know I could use the old editor. I have tried this and it works. (YAY!) But for some strange reason, the title doesn’t show. I typed this heading in the body of my post instead.


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