1. Jim Walker

    Major upgrades during the time many of us trying to take some vacation time off with families. Fun times to come.

    Might as well cancel all vacation plans in November…


  2. In the Dark

    What we really need to test for Gutenberg preparation is whether existing plugins will still work with the Classic Editor plug-in in WordPress 5.0.


    • Franklyn

      Gutenberg editor I truly a way forward for WordPress as a content management system, let’s hope it integrates well with other new and already existing softwares.


  3. Marcus Downing

    These sound like fairly major things to be putting into a minor release – new features, not just bug and security fixes. I really wish they’d just bite the bullet and admit they need a 4.10 release to give themselves time for things like this before 5.0.


  4. William

    What is the latest PHP version required for 5.0? I’m assuming 7.0 but just wanted to make sure.

    Really looking forward to the changes in 5.0. Thanks for all the hard work with this update!


  5. Lloyd Isom

    I’m wondering how many PHP 7 features will WordPress 5.0 include?


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