1. Matthijs

    So if I understand correctly, because of 4.9.3 introducing a bug preventing auto update to function, we have to manually update to 4.9.4 right?


  2. Matthijs

    OK thanks Jeff. I was surprised I didn’t see any auto-update mails for 4.9.4 flooding my mailbox but now I get it :)


  3. Tim

    It’s gonna be a long day…


  4. Zeokat

    And what about CVE-2018-6389, WordPress sites can be DoS-ed freely and seems that they don’t go to fix this.


  5. mark k.

    And here we are again suffering from things that just should not have been in a minor release in the first place. Was it really that important to push such a change right now? unlikely., but this is not the first minor release to which features that are neither security fixes or major bug fixes are being pushed, a policy change that was never publicly discussed anywhere out of slack.


    • Christopher A

      Agreed. This is directly related to the “WordPress 5.0 won’t ship until Gutenberg” directive. There is absolutely no reason Gutenburg couldn’t have shipped with 5.1 or 5.2. Since 5.0 has been delayed, we’re now seeing larger features being rolled out in minor releases. For what? So we can have a 5.0 label along with Gutenberg? Makes no sense at all. Are we really making technical decisions based on marketing benefits?


      • Glenn

        The “suffering” from this meant the grief of making one extra mouse click (to update from the Dashboard).

        And if I don’t go to that great trouble of clicking the button? My host automatically updates it within 24 hours.

        If this is “suffering” for you, I fear for you if something truly difficult would come into your path.


      • Bob


        Clearly you don’t maintain 100s or 1000s of WP sites like some of us do…


  6. Jennifer

    This is an embarrassing bug for the WordPress core team and shows that they’re rushing to get updates out without proper testing. 4.9.3 should never have gone out, and now anyone that was automatically updated has to waste their time manually updating to 4.9.4. Whoever is leading the project now should be removed.


    • Glenn

      Embarrassing? Perhaps.

      Worth being fired? Definately not.

      Everyone makes mistakes larger than this – certainly I do.

      If this was the largest mistake I’ve ever made, I’d be proud.


    • Scott

      I agree with a lot of the concerns expressed here but I have a very different philosophy on the notion that mistakes like this should result in firing (at the WordPress scale or some of the much larger scale things we see in the news every day).

      In my experience managing people, someone who has made a mistake like this is the last person that will ever make another mistake of similar magnitude. They’ll be extremely cautious for a long time to come having suffered this embarrassment.

      Put a new person on the task and you start the timer all over again on waiting for their first mistake. It’s not if, it is when.


  7. Steven Gliebe

    I guess this doesn’t affect every site. Mine automatically updated itself as usual. I received the standard email this morning.

    Your site has updated to WordPress 4.9.4

    Howdy! Your site at [removed] has been updated automatically to WordPress 4.9.4.

    No further action is needed on your part. For more on version 4.9.4, see the About WordPress screen

    I was definitely on 4.9.3 before this. I’m looking at the notification email for that auto-update right now and remember logging in to confirm it yesterday.

    I’m not on a managed WordPress host. It’s a VPS with cPanel and I didn’t install WordPress using an auto-installer. I installed it manually.


    • Kelson

      Same here: I’m on a VPS and I manage the contents of the server myself, and I had several blogs auto-update from 4.9.3 to 4.9.4 before I had a chance to update them manually.

      If it only fails under certain circumstances, that might explain how the bug was missed during QA.


  8. Wesam Alalem

    According to the bug ticket , WordPress core will update automatically, but nothing else:

    It seems that a somewhat innocuous quick addition to 4.9.3 has broken WP automatic updates for anything except the WordPress core.


  9. Carlos

    What happens when we have version 4.9.2 or even 4.8.5 installed and want to update directly to 4.9.4?


    • Kelson

      Same as usual: You click the button and it updates to 4.9.4.

      The bug isn’t in the updater, it’s in the job that automatically runs the updater without you having to tell it, and it’s in 4.9.3, not in the service. If you’re still on an older version, you’re not affected for two reasons:
      1. Your site doesn’t have the buggy code.
      2. Your site isn’t using automatic updates to begin with, or it would have updated to 4.9.3 by now.


  10. fwolf

    Perfect score. WP made it into Fefe’s Blog with this … idioticy.

    A quick translation:

    Is someone (on) here using WordPress?

    I’m wondering about, how many times and how strong these guys have to let everything go tits up, until folks start running away.

    cu, w0lf.


  11. Tony

    Has anyone had any issues with the auto update failing and their site going down? A client of ours has a site that tried to update to 4.9.4 and it failed due to directory creation issues and now they’ve lost all plugins and theme files. The database still seems intact.


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