1. Aakash

    Now, thats a bit of work to do. Probably overriding titles never been a good practice.
    I think Genesis framework use it if add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ) is not provided in the theme.


  2. Ukrainian Wordpress

    So SEO plugins should change it’s work logic too? And until this whey would not work correctly, Am I understood right?


  3. Dawesi

    Another reason we’re starting to use other blog/cms systems.

    Too many changes in minor versions. Major versions are for major features… 4.3 was a disaster, not enough (or no) testing breaking tens of thousands of themes.

    Sigh… I think it’s time to move on… we’re breaking up wordpress.

    We’ve already created a wordpress plugin converter for another CMS, and like many others between breaking changes in minor versions and way to many security isssues, this blogging platform is becoming bogus.


  4. Patrik

    Should this not be updated ? As wp_title is not going to be deprecated now by the 12th Nov update


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