1. Brin

    Would love to see a white version of Further – with black text on white background rather than vice versa.


  2. Ipstenu

    First thought “Boy, that’s dark and stark.”

    I’d probably skin it softer and gentler, but I think it’s the first time I’ve looked at the default theme and gone “Meh, not for me.”


  3. Ted Clayton

    Matt Mullenweg became a saxophonist in high school. He has a collection of photographs that must be in the tens of thousands. And now he runs one of the crucial businesses on Planet Earth. He makes the checks & balances doctrine of the U.S. Constitution look like a warmup act.

    WordPress releases are named for figures from our musical culture.

    What do we see on the Further demo menu?

    Artwork | Books | Music | Paintings | Photos | Videos | WordPress | Writings

    Everything dominated by lavish placement of fully-indulged & spoiled-rotten photo-art.

    Just the way Ma.tt loves to see it … and does it, himself.

    The Demo has a black background and white text. For photos, medium-gray is arguably best, but black is a close second, and no one can complain about contrast.

    The header is in a fixed frame. Big nod to branding, and brand-placement. It’s no biggie to unfix it, if you get tired of the beer bottles staring at you.

    This kind of magazine theme is an art show & gallery, out-of-box. But it also favors multi-author management, and newspaper column presentation (sans photo-parade).

    It is the most exciting WordPress news in years, for me, that Mr. Mullenweg will be the lead on v3.8. I already see this in itself being covered as a bona fide story, in the business press. Don’t be surprised to read about it in coming weeks & months, at the Wall Street Journal.


  4. Syed Balkhi

    Personally, I’ve never been a fan of dark designs. This design has quite a few things that don’t appeal to me visually.

    1. small font in the sidebar and the top area
    2. very clustered heading/featured area (spacing is so tight)
    3. Left aligned design (this doesn’t look very good on large screen sizes)

    But again, this is just me. *Beauty is in the eye of the beholder*


  5. Jeffro

    @Syed Balkhi – A couple of things. If you use a long width image of some sorts to be used as a buffer between the heading and featured area, I think you would be surprised at how much better the site looks.

    Yeah, I’m with you on the left aligned design. I hope it goes full responsive to fill whatever space is on the screen. I wish I had access to the showcase on WP.com to show off a couple of sites using the theme but it’s disappeared along with the theme.


  6. Ted Clayton

    Reversing a white-on-black theme and vice versa is one of the easier things for semi-literate sub-programmers to do. Likewise, turning fixed structure-widths into percentages takes more attention, but is still a ‘plodding’ thing to do. The style sheet for the demo is “a.css”. “background-color” is easy to find & change. “color” changes the text.

    It’s a 94k file, verbose & voluminous, though not as outlandish as it can get. But it might be a couple hundred pages, in the editor.

    You can save a webpage locally, doctor its CSS file (change colors), then when you pull up the saved page, you see it with your mods.

    The problem here isn’t the abnormal colors or structural arrangements. Those will be in the style sheet (which we have). The problem is we don’t have any of the other theme-files.


  7. Ewen

    Hello, I am a French web designer, sorry for my bad English.
    I discovered by chance the theme ‘Twenty Fourteen’ on Github WordPress, there are some days that. I changed a few things, including added Fitvids.js script to allow resizing of video and make it visible on mobile. I changed for published videos are displayed larger on large screens. The main changes I have made is:
    changed the font for ‘web safe’: Verdana.
    -removed the left sidebar and enlarged site width from 1230px to 1920px.
    -Header set a background image on the whole extended to 1920px width.
    -In addition, I added a homepage slideshow displaying ‘sticky posts’. I set up four ‘loops WordPress’ to my posts organized into four columns classified into four categories.
    I appreciated the fact that the CSS is in px and rem.
    I liked this ‘Twenty Fourteen’ much more than previous default themes despite their obvious respective qualities.
    All this was done for the design of the site Air DesignMoteur (website link on my name). I consulted several news about WordPress and your article and its comments have motivated me to write about my recent work seems to illustrate yours points of view.


  8. chris mccoy

    I like the theme, I bought it off creativemarket (bit pricey at $150) but looks nice that it will be free in 3.8

    way to go!


  9. Tom J Nowell

    @Jeffro – centre aligning makes for a dramatic improvement on bigger screens


  10. Stijn

    WordPress themes indicates that the Further theme has now been retired. http://theme.wordpress.com/retired/further/


  11. Eric Mesa

    That is SO awesome! Earlier this year I read about Twenty Thirteen and for the first time in the nearly 10 years I’ve been blogging I thought about theme design. Oh, sure, I’d looked at themes and figured whether or not they were for me, but the heuristic I used couldn’t be put into words. I dove into what I liked and disliked about Twenty Thirteen and I learned new terminology to describe what I liked. Also, and this is not meant to be disrespectful to the hundreds of free theme designers, it was important to see a professionally commissioned theme in Twenty Thirteen and realize that the fonts and nearly everything else about the theme I had in my blog were horribly, horribly wrong. In the end, I found Twenty Thirteen to be absolutely perfect for my personal blog (which you can see by clicking on my name), but I have another website (http://www.comicpow.com) which is more news-based and would benefit from a magazine theme.

    For now I am using what is essentially a shareware version of a pay theme that I like (Destro), but when I came across Further, I knew I would buy that theme eventually, once Comic POW! started making money and I could justify the expense. When I watched the State of the Word and Matt said it would be a magazine theme I told myself, “Well, I don’t really NEED further. Twenty Thirteen has renewed my faith in WP default themes. (I hated Kubrick and it’s banal generic-ness) I’ll just use Twenty Fourtheen.” So to hear that it’s actually based off of Further is AWESOME!


  12. chris mccoy


    was removed from creativemarket (the self hosted version as well)


  13. Jeffro

    If you can’t wait for 3.8 you can follow along or use the development version of 2014 (Further) here https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/tree/master/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen


  14. Robert Dall

    Two point to who ever came up with this headline. It’s perfect.


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