WordPress 3.7.1: A Historical Maintenance Release

Zero Clicks Given tshirt - courtesy of @dimensionmedia
“Zero Clicks Given” tshirt – courtesy of @dimensionmedia
Most WordPress maintenance releases are nothing to write home about, but WordPress 3.7.1 is one for the history books. This is the first maintenance release where users don’t have to lift a finger to get their sites upgraded.

Sites already running WordPress 3.7 will soon be automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest.

The release haiku, created by Mark Jaquith, sums it up nicely:

Just a few fixes
Your new update attitude:
Zero clicks given

WordPress 3.7 is rapidly approaching two million downloads. That’s a huge number of site admins who don’t have to worry about logging in to perform updates. WordPress core developer Andrew Nacin said that maintenance and security releases are likely to be a more frequent occurrence now that they don’t have to worry about update fatigue. If you’re wondering how long your site will take to update to WordPress 3.7.1, Nacin estimated 24 seconds. He’s probably done this a thousand times while testing:

Installs take about 24 seconds to update on average, but that includes downloading and unzipping the package. A core update should put your site into maintenance mode for only a few seconds.

This release includes 10 fixes for small bugs in 3.7. Check out the full changelog to get the details.

You can update your site immediately or wait until the core team starts rolling out the automatic background updates. I suggest you go crack yourself a cold one and let WordPress do the work for you.


27 responses to “WordPress 3.7.1: A Historical Maintenance Release”

  1. Hmm Just got an update notice, looks just like the ones I was getting before 3.7 – not an automatic update. Not sure how well this will copy paste;
    An updated version of WordPress is available.

    You can update to WordPress 3.7.1 automatically or download the package and install it manually:

    Download 3.7.1

    While your site is being updated, it will be in maintenance mode. As soon as your updates are complete, your site will return to normal.

    The update now button didn’t copy..but it’s there..

  2. I downloaded the Update Control plugin and I’ve shut off automatic updates (for now).

    I would have preferred a delay option of 14 days or so.

    This would have given the plugin and theme developers time to complete their updates.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I don’t seems to understand what is happening with my theme on the WP3.7, I’m using genesis theme, and saw a notice on the dashboard that WP3.7 has been suspended till 29th of this month. I checked this morning and they’ve yet to get the update on the site.

    Is it the fault of my theme or they removed it waiting for WP3.7.1?
    Site: http://bloggingconsult.org/

  4. @Grumpy – The core team haven’t started rolling out the automatic updates yet. You can either update now or wait a little bit for the auto update to roll out.

  5. Does the automatic update feature really work? 3.7.1 has been out for some time and none of my sites have been auto-updated. The old Automatic Updater plugin by pento was almost instant for me.

  6. @Marcus Tibesar

    I would have preferred a delay option of 14 days or so.

    This would have given the plugin and theme developers time to complete their updates.

    Minor updates, with very, very rare exceptions, will not have any impact of Themes or Plugins.

  7. I just had to “click to update” 5 different 3.7 installs to get them to 3.7.1, and the sites are hosted separately by two different hosting companies. So, no auto-update here :(

  8. Wait for it! ;) They are rolling the updates out gradually- as per Nacin’s tweet: “About 24,000 auto updates have taken place without any problems. Half of all installs are now being told to update as the rollout continues.”

  9. For an automatic update “feature” that has been spoken of so long time already, I think they should have gotten their PR/Marketing straight. “A few hours” usually means no more than 4, give them the benefit of the doubt and stretch that to 6 hours.

    I received the message that 3.7.1 was available Wednesday morning, Oct. 30, 8am (GMT+8). Currently it is Thursday, October 31, almost 1am and none of my sites have miraculously auto-updated.

    I’m sorry, but that is just poor PR

    Then just don’t give the update notice and when every site has been automagically updated after 3 weeks or however long they need, celebrate after the fact!

  10. @Chip, well that is basically what I was saying: disable the lot and let people tweet (or whatever) about the fact that their sites automatically updated to 3.7.1 instead of telling people that it will come in “a few hours” and still give them the possibility to update themselves. Hence the reference to PR

    I mean there is not much “auto” in this update for me after waiting for it for more than 18 hours now…

  11. According to this post in the support forums they are rolling the auto-updates out very slowly.

    I agree they could be communicating this better. But I’d much rather they err on the side of caution in this case. I’m holding off manually updating clicking the update link on my sites to see how the auto-update process goes.

  12. Thanks for the link @Chris
    More than 24 hours after the release around half of my sites now have finally auto-updated

  13. Update have not include some language. So i update successful in few second. But after that my web site language is change. Can i roll back this update? or should i must wait for language update?

    Thank you

  14. Well, 3.7.1 did it’s auto update for me…


    A site that was working perfectly prior to the update now issues the “Error: Cookies are disabled or blocked…” message whenever *anyone* tries to log on. nothing on the site was changed other than the WP 3.7.1 update; There are already a few threads on the WordPress support site relating to this problem, but the standard answers are all that are being given: Disable your plugins, clear your cache, delete your cookies…

    Well, I’ve disabled all plugins and switched to a stock twenty twelve theme to no avail. This issue is cross-browser. I’ve cleared cache & cookies on each browser I’ve tried (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…)

    Apparently as part of the new update login.php is now issuing a test cookie that is not being properly read on the first pass. If you re-enter the username and pw on the error screen, you will be successfully logged in, but far to many users are not giving it a second try…

    So, basically, this nifty new update has tanked my – and a great many other users – ability to have people log on to their WordPress sites.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

  15. Hi Sarah,
    I earlier complained that update to my site was not forthcoming; I think a little patience matters, I got the update yesterday evening ( Nigerian time).
    Infact, it was updated to WP3.7.1

  16. Andrew wrote:

    “So our primary worry — an update going wrong — will never have to do with a plugin. It’ll have to do with our failure to verify that files were fully copied over and properly in place. Incremental updates we introduced a few years ago (if you update from 3.7 to 3.7.1, WordPress only downloads changed files) already greatly improved the safety of updating to a minor release. ”

    Does WP save old versions of those files (eg. page.php.v3.7.backup or something like this)? Simple Machines Forum does it and I find it a good idea, it gives you opportunity to quickly see what was changed and quick way to revert. Can anyone confirm?

    What is your opinion about this?


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