1. Devesh Sharma

    Feels like we have been waiting forever for this update.

    Thanks for the update, Jeff.


  2. Ted Clayton


    <[M]any of us will be waiting to read the postmortem by Mark Jaquith which will detail the reasons behind why the Post Formats UI had to be removed and the side effects it caused.

    I too hope that these reasons & consequences are addressed … but that’s not what I read Mark Jaquith offering.

    He was responding to John James Jacoby 2:14 pm on May 29, 2013, who said/asked:

    This really is a shame. Any opinions worth sharing on what could have been done to avoid the retraction? We had all hands on deck with this at the beginning, then it got broken up into minutia, followed by a few weeks of tuning.

    What did we learn from this experience, and how do we avoid it for future releases? Maybe a post-mortem-post after 3.6 is out?

    Jacoby sounds like he is talking about the organizational and operational factors, rather than a technical post-mortem of Post Formats UI in Core.

    Sure, Jaquith will say ‘something’, but I won’t be surprised if we end up knowing about what we know now.


  3. Robbie

    Is there an online demo of 3.6 RC we can try? I don’t want to install it on my live site but want to take a peek under the hood somewhere.


  4. William Beem

    I can’t comment on the development process, as I’m not involved. Sometimes things don’t work out as anticipated or even hoped. That’s something I can accept.

    The enormous failure of the WordPress 3.6 development cycle is the lack of communication about issues and ability to set reasonable expectations for the plethora of people who need to run their sites and businesses. The lack of communication is inexcusable. If there is no post-mortem, then future developers may run into the same problems without any guide to help them avoid the problems with this cycle.


  5. Shapeshifter 3

    I would be most interested in the timeline for the availability of the Post Formats UI as a plugin.


  6. Ted Clayton

    @Shapeshifter 3

    I would be most interested in the timeline for the availability of the Post Formats UI as a plugin.

    Well … on the first link at the top of this Post, there is an exchange that gives us a clue.

    First, “Shawn Coots 7:56 am on July 10, 2013” asks:

    Also super curious about the Post Format UI plugin, will that debut alongside 3.6 or show up before? Thanks in advance, excited to use that feature.

    Then, “Andrew Nacin 7:48 am on July 11, 2013” replies

    Unsure at this time. A lot of us want to start over on the approach.

    The phrase “the approach” is ambiguous. The Post Formats UI in core approach? Or the plugin-approach? Or something else?

    The phrase “start over”, while not auspicious, is at least not ambiguous.

    Andrew Nacin, of course, is a leading figure at WordPress.


  7. Jeffro

    @Robbie – There used to be a website a long time ago that served the purpose of being an online demo site that ran the bleeding edge version of WordPress but I can’t find it. The opensourceCMS website is only running WordPress 3.4.2 which is an old version.

    @William Beem – There will be a post mortem. If there isn’t, plenty of people will be voicing their anger in the comments on the Make.core WordPress site. A post mortem would serve as a learning exercise so the team doesn’t repeat this behavior in the future.

    @Shapeshifter 3 – I have not seen or heard anything on an official time line for the post formats ui plugin. I’d guess it will be released either in tandem with or shortly after 3.6 ships. However, at this point, they could decide not to do it and just completely start over from scratch on the whole concept of Post Formats UI.


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