WordCamp US 2022 Kicks Off Today, Free Livestream Available

WordCamp US 2022 is underway in San Diego, California, following last night’s welcome party for speakers, sponsors, organizers, and volunteers. For many attendees, this is their first in-person WordPress event since 2019, before the pandemic began shutting down conferences.

Unlike previous events, where attendees numbered in the thousands, this year tickets were capped at 650. They were sold out the first day they went on sale. A smaller crowd should make for a more intimate event where attendees have a higher chance of bumping into the people they hoped to meet.

Opening remarks are expected at 9am PDT. WordCamp US’ schedule includes 41 sessions over the span of two days. Those who are not able to attend in person can still catch the livestream for both tracks, without any special ticket required. Access is free and presentations will be shown live as they are happening on the two tracks:

Sun Track: https://us.wordcamp.org/2022/livestream/sun-fri/

Palm Track https://us.wordcamp.org/2022/livestream/palm-fri/

Virtual participants can use the #WCUS hashtag on Twitter to join in the global conversation.

On Saturday, September 10, Matt Mullenweg will deliver an address at 4:45 pm -5:30 pm PDT and answer live questions from WordCamp US attendees. This will also be streamed live as the last session of the event.


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