1. Marcus Tibesar

    Really enjoyed listening to Matt and Matias’ session while staying-at-home. Thank you Sarah for providing the video!


  2. Hlaem

    I love this WordCamp Spain video, Thank you WordPress – Thank you Matt & Matías, Thank you Sarah!


  3. Stephen Vaughan

    Interesting what Matt says about page builders and concurs with my recent foray into using the block editor in new projects.

    For example, with recent updates to Divi, you can now build a general post design in terms of layout and ten pull in the content, built with blocks, with the Post Content module. This proves very flexible, allowing for some variations, within a fairly consistent look for posts.

    A nice update would be a block module in Divi where you could pull in some trivial amount of block work into a Divi layout. How that would be implemented is another matter ( how to integrate all the sidebar controls etc.) but, it would be cool to bring in some block things that you can’t do in Divi.

    You can in fact do the above already, if you are in a daredevil mood, by taking the block code from the HTML editor view and pate it into the HTML tab of a Divi text module. It does render on the front end but editing can be tricky, requiring a paste back to the block editor to do so.


  4. Ciprian Popescu

    Too bad it’s in Spanish. I’ll wait for the English version.


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