WordCamp Phoenix On Friday The 13th!

wcphoenixlogo If you really want to get your WordPress fix during the weekend of Friday the 13th, consider attending WordCamp Phoenix and then WordCamp New York on the 14th and 15th of November. WordCamp Phoenix is being held at the Arizona Grand Resort which ought to be a blast on Friday the 13th from 8am – 5pm. For speakers, they currently have confirmed Matt Mullenweg, Merlin Mann, John Hawkins, Brent Spore, and Dave Moyer from the WordCast Podcast. The event is one day only and from what I can remember, may be the first ever one day weekday WordCamp. If you know of any others, tell me in the comments.


2 responses to “WordCamp Phoenix On Friday The 13th!”

  1. Thanks, Jeffro. Chuck is right, we are working hard… but it is paying off: great speakers, great attendance, great sponsors. And for those who are not in Arizona, stay tuned for our high-quality live stream of the event!


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