WordCamp NYC Tickets Now Available

During the WordPress developers meeting yesterday, Jane Wells announced that registration for WordCamp New York City was open to the public. There are a few different tickets you can purchase depending upon your schedule. You can purchase the full pass which costs $40.00 which will provide entry to all sessions on Saturday and Sunday while also getting a Tshirt and lunch on Saturday. Or, if you can only make it on Sunday, consider purchasing the Mini pass for $25.00. This will get you entry for all sessions taking place on Sunday only as well as the Tshirt but no lunch. For those with a little more cash on hand, consider purchasing the Individual sponsorship pass for $250.00. This pass nets you acknowledgment on the website as well as during the event and on the program. Last but not least is the Consultant sponsorship for both days. This costs $500.00

WordCampNYC – Nov 14-15

I’ll be attending the event and luckily for me, I have bragging rights of saying I was the first person to buy a WordCamp NYC ticket but who cares, right? At any rate, I purchased my airline tickets today roundtrip and it came out to be about $325.00. Not cheap but as a business expense, it’s not that bad. My hope now is that a nor’easter doesn’t form during that weekend.

6 responses to “WordCamp NYC Tickets Now Available”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I was looking at tickets yesterday, and I hope to attend. Any recommendations on hotels near the event? An initial search turned up a $525 per night boutique hotel. I’m more of a Holiday Inn type of guy;)

  2. @Adam W. Warner – I’m actually staying with a friend so I’m unsure as to whether there are any deals to be had in New York. From the looks of things, everything about this event cost a ton of money.


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