1. Paul Oyler

    There is an epic photo from the bowling that didn’t get taken but would have been excellent for this post…


  2. Jeff Matson

    My talk was on day one, not day two. ;)


  3. Miroslav Glavic

    I remember a while ago WordCamps had to be WordCamp (city). it was a big fuzz…when did they relax that?


  4. Angela

    Thanks for the stellar review Jeff! We have already started our notes for changes to make next year and the schedule for each room is among those items, as well as having the room runner announce the next session in that room after speakers are done! We’d love any other feedback anyone has on improvements for next year.


  5. Deborah Edwards-Onoro

    Jeff, it was a wonderful event! Keynotes were perfect, great blend of sessions with new and veteran speakers, and yes, the hallway track was one of the best I’ve attended!

    I noticed the lack of schedule outside the door, but I always ended up taking a few steps to registration to pick up a schedule who was speaking in what room.

    So glad we were able to catch up, Jeff! I’m honored you included one of my tweets in your post.

    One of the other best things I loved: crossing the street to take a walk through the beautiful Kent State University campus.


  6. Sage Culley

    We at the KSU Hotel would like to say thank you to all who attended the 2016 WordCamp NEO! We really enjoyed having your group at the hotel and hope you enjoyed our hotel in the heart of our thriving & eclectic community. It was a pleasure working with Angela & Rich to plan a successful event. We look forward to future ventures together!
    Sage – Sales & Catering Manager


  7. Ben D

    IMHO, I found WordCamp NE Ohio to be one of the best organized and executed WC’s I have attended. They sent a lot of informative emails leading up to the WC which helped folks like me coming from out of the area to prepare and find our way.

    Think of this… they had speakers like Chris Lema and Adam Silver traveling from California – and they didn’t get paid for this. Eric Meyer’s opening session was a refreshing way to begin. And speaking of Chris Lema, have you ever seen a more rousing and fun speaker to begin the day with?

    I had fun meeting some new folks and learning lots of new things. I think the NE Ohio group was a great WC but it was especially remarkable in that it was their first event. It was also noted that there were WC organizers from Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Dayton attending – a really strong show of support for the newbie WordCamp.

    The venue was a big part of why this WC went off so well. The staff would flip the rooms from 1 large session room to 3 meetings rooms and made sure the tables were constantly refreshed. They did a fabulous job – and the Taco Bar on Sunday was really great.


  8. Justin Ferriman

    The organizers of WCNEO did a fantastic job – a really great event!


  9. Rich Robinkoff

    Wow, the comments are almost better than Jeff’s post…that doesn’t happen here too often.
    Thank you for all the great feedback everyone. Angie and I had a ton of fun making this event happen, and have to give a shout out to all the other organizers and volunteers that worked all weekend to make the event so amazing.


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