WordCamp Montreal 2011 Looking For Speakers

wordcamp montreal logoWordCamp Montreal has recently announced that they have nailed down a date of July 9th-10th 2011 while the venue quite possibly will be UQAM like last year. While the website devoted to the event used to be WPMTL.org, the new website is WCMTL.org. WordCamp Montreal is one of those unique events where speakers and sessions intertwine with both the English and French languages presenting some diversity. Early bird tickets are currently at a discount of $30.00 which will soon be raised to $40.00 so register now if you’re interested in attending. Last but not least, WordCamp Montreal is currently seeking sponsors as well as speakers. If interested in speaking, please go through their speaker application process.

I wonder if Ron and Andrea will be making the trip to Montreal this year?


  1. Thanks for the writeup Jeffro!

    Not sure if the Rennick’s will be there this year but we have scheduled the whole thing around Ma.tt so he will be in attendance (We’re doing it during the Montreal JazzFest for him). Ptah Dunbar has confirmed he’ll be talking and we’ll definitely have some other Coreteam members in attendance (awesome ones, we just haven’t officially confirmed with them yet).

    Any chance you’ll be able to make it? We’d love to have you :)


  2. @Jeremy Clarke – You’re welcome. I won’t be in attendance as I can’t see myself spending the money to get a Passport and frankly, I have no interest in traveling outside the United States.

    Let me know though if Live video streaming happens at this years event as it did last year when you got to perform a Q&A with Matt on stage. I have a good memory :)


  3. We’re hoping to attend but aren’t confirmed yet. This is pretty much the only WC we can go to without flying, so it’s substantially less expensive for us to travel to over any of the other WordCamps we have attended.


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