WordCamp Europe to Offer Free Live Streaming for All Sessions


WordCamp Europe 2016 is sold out as of last week. With 2200 people expected to attend, it will be the largest WordPress event in history. Attendees representing 68 different countries will gather in Vienna for two days of sessions and networking on June 24-25th.

Those unable to attend the event can now sign up for a free live streaming ticket that includes all sessions and panels. This year’s event has expanded to three tracks with focused content and “unconference” sessions with a barcamp format. The schedule features 70 world class speakers presenting on a wide range of business, development, design, and community topics. A few examples include:

  • WordPress: The Early Years. A Co-Founder’s View (Mike Little)
  • Open source project management at scale, how 1300+ people improved Drupal 8’s multilingual features (Gábor Hojtsy)
  • Internationalizing the New York Times (Scott Taylor)
  • The (rebirth of the) Italian community (Francesca Marano)
  • Making the Leap: Successful Products as a Web Agency (Matt Cheney, Drew Gorton)

Those who are tuning in via live stream have the advantage of being able to easily switch between sessions if they are not enjoying a topic. Those not in attendance will miss out on the networking and cultural experience, but live stream viewers can join in the conversation on social media using the official #WCEU hashtag. Sign up on the the event’s Tickets page to watch WordCamp Europe sessions from anywhere in the world.


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